13. Internationaler Kongress für Lutherforschung: Seminar 7

Niels Henrik Gregersen
Luther’s theology of creation: Nordic interpretations
Luthers Theologie der Schöpfung: Nordische Interpretationen

Martin Luther’s theology of creation has received a special attention in the Nordic countries. The so-called ”Scandinavian creation theology”, based on the work of Regin Prenter, Gustaf Wingren and K. E. Logstrup, continues to be have a strong Wirkungsgeschichte also outside Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Here Luther is received in combination with the theological concerns of Irenaeus and N. F. S. Grundtvig. Also, over the last decennia years, the so-called “Finnish School of Luther Research” has extended its original emphasis on soteriology into new investigations into central aspects of Luther’s creation theology, especially his interpretation of lex naturalis, and his relation to philosophical psychology.

The two first sessions of the seminar will be devoted to Luther’s interpretations of “The Semon of the Mount”, especially Matt. 5:17-26 (WA 32, 354-376; LW 21, 67-83) on the law, and Matt. 6:24-34 (WA 32, 452-472; LW 21, 186-209) on worldly concerns.

The seminar welcomes original papers on Luther’s theology of creation, and on contemporary interpretations relating to the Nordic Interpretations.

Seminar languages / Seminarsprachen: English and German.

13. Internationaler Kongress für Lutherforschung