Cultural Impact of the Reformation: Rudolf von Sinner: Abstract

Rudolf von Sinner (São Leopoldo, Brazil)

Reformatory Theology between Migration and Mission in and from Brazil

In Latin America, different faces of Protestantism can be found – a liberal, an evangelical, a Pentecostal and an ethnical one. While most theological tenets of the highly growing Pentecostal churches can be widely placed in the frame of traditional protestant Christianity, especially the neo-Pentecostal churches are using a syncretistic matrix. This emphasises a Gospel of wealth, which drops the Reformatory focus on the theology of grace. Should this be interpreted as a new, up-to-date Reformation, or as a dangerous turn away from the Gospel? This question is to be considered in this contribution from both a religious studies and a theological perspective.

Kulturelle Wirkungen der Reformation

7 to 11 August 2017

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