Cultural Impact of the Reformation: Jochen Hörisch: Abstract

Jochen Hörisch (Mannheim, Germany)

Connection Lost? Media after Gutenberg and Protestantism

Every central religious historical event is an event of the media – that is something like a higher triviality. Gods and prophets necessarily have to communicate and to missionize (e-missionize) to create a religious congregation, a community. Luther himself was doubtlessly a genius of media and communication by grace who competently used the contemporary most advanced technical capabilities of media. From that point of view, it is remarkable that the Protestant Church today succeeds with classical print media (e. g., the journal ›Chrismon‹) but has problems taking new forms of media for granted. Today, casting a net for successfully fishing people is only possible by engaging with the internet. The problems associated with this are the topic of this contribution.

Kulturelle Wirkungen der Reformation

7 to 11 August 2017

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