Cultural Impact of the Reformation: Daniel Jeyaraj: Abstract

Daniel Jeyaraj (Liverpool, Great Britain)

Cultural Impact of German Reformation on Christians in India

Lutheran reformers propagated freedom of conscience and religion, dignity of individuals and their jobs, education for women and men, ways of critically interpreting inherited religious texts and traditions, biblical and devotional readings, marriage as a freely chosen act by a consenting woman and a man. Since their introduction to India in 1706 by Lutheran missionaries, few Indians adopted them as alternative models for their thinking and living, and formed worshipping congregations. Soon, other non-Christian Indians began to evaluate and improve their socio-religious habits in the light of Christianity. This paper explores how, since 1706 these ideas and practices have been transforming countless Indians and their lifestyle.

Kulturelle Wirkungen der Reformation

7 to 11 August 2017

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