13. Internationaler Kongress für Lutherforschung: Seminar 20

Ricardo Rieth
Luther's translation into languages and cultures of the 21st century
Wie wird Luther in die Sprachen und Kulturen des 21. Jahrhunderts übersetzt?


Different people and groups in religious, educational and cultural institutions around the world are convinced that Martin Luther's heritage remains relevant to their life and helps them to face new challenges in the 21st century. However, five hundred years separate their time from the historical context of the reformer and his work, so that an effective approach is only possible with a consistent translation effort, given the wide differences in languages and cultures. Seminar participants are invited to present papers reporting and analizing current experiences of translating Luther into languages and cultures, so that a global or international perspective can be discussed and sistematized. 

Seminar languages /Seminarsprachen: English and German.

13. Internationaler Kongress für Lutherforschung