13. Internationaler Kongress für Lutherforschung: Seminar 6

Stephen Burnett
Luther and the Jews to 1523
Luther und die Juden bis 1523

For the past fifty years most scholars who have studied Luther’s perspectives on Jews and Judaism have accepted Wilhelm Maurer’s view that they remained fundamentally the same from the beginning of Luther’s career until his death. This seminar will reopen the question of Luther and the Jews in his early career to test this hypothesis. Participants are invited to present papers (in English or German) on Luther’s early views of Jews and Judaism, whether biographically (Luther’s actual encounters with Jews and their impact on his thought and work), exegetically (first and second Psalms lectures, Romans, Galatians, Hebrews), in his sermons, or through his most “philosemitic” works, the Magnificat (1521) and That Jesus Christ was Born a Jew (1523). More synthetic studies considering topics such Luther’s use of the “Jew” or “Synagogue” as tropes in his early theology in light of medieval antecedents (exegetical or polemical) would also be welcome.

13. Internationaler Kongress für Lutherforschung